About Us


Yip, Tse & Tang is a Hong Kong law firm that provides a full breadth of legal services to businesses and corporations. Founded in 1994, we have 17 offices located in different parts of Hong Kong.

  • Established in 1994
  • Capabilities: multiple areas of practice with emphasis on Commercial Laws, Contracts Drafting, Commercial Disputes & Litigations, Family & Matrimonial Disputes, Family Trusts & Wealth Planning
  • Current no. of lawyers: over 30.
  • Notaries Public: yes
  • Civil Celebrants of Marriages: more than 20
  • China-Appointed Attesting Officer: yes
  • Total no. of staff: about 180
  • Total no. of bankruptcies handled: more than 10000
  • Total no. of individual debt restructuring: more than 1200
  • Law Offices: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and NT.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility awards: 5-Year Plus Logo Caring Company Award by Hong Kong Council of Social Services AND Outstanding Partnership Award: Wise Financial Planning and Debt Counselling Project with Caritas Hong Kong


A large team of legal professionals

We possess a large team of legal professionals, including over 30 lawyers, more than 20 Civil Celebrant of Marriages, 3 Notaries Public, and 4 China-Appointed Attesting Officers. With a total of 180 legal staff members distributed across 17 offices, we offer comprehensive and diversified legal services throughout Hong Kong.

Customers’ Reviews and Ratings

We highly value client satisfaction and have received praise from our customers. You can view client testimonials (more than 600 reviews and ratings) here and conveniently submit online inquiries through this webpage, which is a popular method among our clients. Our team of lawyers will promptly respond and ensure customer satisfaction. With a solid financial foundation and cutting-edge technology, we provide professional and reliable services.

e-Dove.com : a self-developed Client’s Portal to track case progress

We stay at the forefront of utilizing internet technology and has developed the exclusive e-Dove.com platform, allowing clients to stay informed about the progress of their cases and providing them with peace of mind.

As a leading multidisciplinary law firm, we are dedicated to enhancing service quality and values customer feedback, which you can view here. With a substantial team of over 30 lawyers and 180 legal staff members, we serve clients across Hong Kong, attending to phone calls and WhatsApp inquiries. Our 17 offices are strategically located throughout Kowloon and the New Territories, making us one of the largest and most widely covered law firms in Hong Kong.

Our mission is to provide efficient and professional legal services to the general public. We uphold the values of being affordable, youthful, innovative, adaptable, technologically advanced, quick, practical, and specialized. We aim to ensure that every individual who entrusts us with their legal matters enjoys high-quality, personal, and reasonably priced legal services. We strive to be the first choice for anyone seeking legal assistance by saying, “Find a lawyer, find YTT.”