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Criminal Records Last a Lifetime

Committing a criminal offense can have serious consequences. Even minor offenses, such as “good behavior” or “fines,” can result in a criminal record that prevents you from obtaining a “Certificate of No Criminal Conviction” for life. Therefore, it is said that criminal records are carried for a lifetime. Do not believe the rumors that minor offenses can be “cleared” after three years and that you can get a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction after clearing them. Therefore, if you have not committed a crime, do not admit guilt casually, or you will regret it later.

However, if the evidence is conclusive, you should bravely admit guilt and hope to gain the judge’s understanding and sympathy for a lenient sentence. Admission of guilt is the best reason for mitigation.

Criminal Troubles

If you have any criminal problems, please call criminal lawyer to discuss your concerns and find the best solution.

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  • The success rate of negotiating with the police to “sign a good behavior bond”?

Criminal Experience and Strength

We have defended a wide range of criminal offenses, including representing clients in appeals all the way to the Court of Final Appeal. We are particularly good in defending computer crimes, theft, indecent assault, copyright infringement and assault cases. We are a criminal lawyer on the Legal Aid Department’s list and can accept legal aid cases at all levels, including criminal appeals.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

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